Things You Need To Know Before You Change Your Door Locks

People usually change their doors for various reasons. Some change due to failed locks or lost keys, while others change their door locks when moving homes. Having effective door locks can enhance your safety and privacy.

If you are planning to replace your house’s door locks, other than getting a professional lock change service provider, there are essential things you need to know. Keep reading to explore them.

  • Know the difference between replacing and rekeying

Changing door locks usually involves either replacing or rekeying them. All of these methods ensure that old keys can no longer be used to open the lock. Here is the difference:

  • Replacing door locks

This is the best way to ensure security of your home. This process involves removing the current lock from the door and then installing a brand new lock in its place. The prices for replacing door locks vary, but it ranges from $80 to $300 per lock. The installation prices also vary, depending on the person installing the new lock.

  • Rekeying door locks

This method is very common nowadays, especially in apartment complexes. This process involves realigning the pins and springs in the inner workings of the lock to match the lock of a new key. The kit that allows you to rekey the locks ranges from $15 to $25. You can do this yourself or call a professional to do the job.

  • Rekey when moving into a new house

When a house is being constructed, many people, including subcontractors, real estate agents, and inspectors usually have keys to all doors. But you wouldn’t want keys in the hands of all these people. That’s why it is advisable to rekey the door locks.

Rekeying is a good idea when moving into a new house because you are never sure how many keys are out there. When you want to purchase a new home, you must ensure that all the locks are rekeyed. Additionally, if you are renting, you should check your lease agreement for regulations regarding changing door locks. There are areas where you may be required to give the landlord a key to the newly rekeyed lock.

  • Make sure to replace all damaged locks

A lock, just like any other machine with moving parts, can ultimately wear out. The repetitive movement of locking and unlocking door overtime or using the wrong key into a lock can destroy the internal mechanism, leasing to a key that’s difficult to turn or a key that sticks.

Rekeying a worn or damaged lock won’t be the best alternative because it can’t make the lock new again. The initial problems with the locking mechanism won’t go away. That’s why the best thing is to replace the damaged locks.

  • Consider using a single key as it is very convenient

It’s quite frustrating to fumble through numerous keys looking for the right key to open a certain door. Having a single key that fits all the locks on the house is very convenient. You can achieve this by rekeying, as long as the locks on all the doors are of the same brand.

  • Change locks when your keys have been stolen or lost

Usually, when your keys have been stolen, the first step you need to take is to change all your door locks so that nobody gains access to your house. Rekeying would be the best approach in this kind of situation. This also applies to when you or your family member misplaces or loses track of the key. You will need to replace the entire lock if the only key to the lock goes missing. You need to use an original key when rekeying. So if you don’t have one, you will replace the entire lock. Always remember to contact a professional lock change service provider when changing your locks.

  • Better locks mean improved security

It is advisable to have more secure locks, even if you haven’t encountered cases of burglary. Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until a break-in occurs that’s when they upgrade to more secure locks. The advancement in technology has also impacted the door lock industry. There are modern door locks that enhance and simplify home security. These modern locks feature a keypad that can be programmed to accept numerical digit codes that can be easily reset to new code when necessary.

What lock is right for you?

The kind of lock that’s suitable for you will depend on the type of door you have. For instance, if you have a wooden door, a Mortice lock or Night latch will be the perfect fit. For upvc doors, there are standard upvc door locks that you can choose. Before changing your door lock, it’s advisable to check with a professional locksmith to help you choose a door lock that suits your security requirements.