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If you’re a homeowner or a business owner, then you must have called on a professional lockout service QUEENS. More than ever, more people realize how essential it is to have the contacts of a locksmith service at the top of their emergency contact list.

Additionally, customers are increasingly getting curious about the services locksmith professionals offer them. Consequently, they want to know how some of the processes work, such as key cutting.

Other than wanting to know the various services that a licensed locksmith service NYC would offer, customers, want to understand how different processes happen. One such method that has elicited curiosity it key cutting and how the key cutting machine works to produce unique keys to various locks.

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how a key-cutting machine used by your un-locking service NYC would work.
 The Parts of a Key Cutting Machine 

The parts of the machine that we describe below are used to cut keys for typical pin tumbler locks. The device has elements such as an electric motor that’s used to turn the wheel, a wheel for cutting, a vice used to hold the blank key, another for the original, and a device for alignment.

 How to Use the Machine

To start the cutting process, the original key is held by a vice, while next to the cutting wheel, there’s another vice that holds the blank key. Next on the alignment device, two bars are used to ensure that both the blank and the original are always at the same distance.

Next, the cutting wheel gets energy from the motor and is caused to spin. The lockout service New York City will then trace the cut along with the original key onto the blank on the cutting wheel, ensuring that every cut and curve on the original appears on the duplicate. Once this is done, the process comes to completion, and the cut is now buffed to ensure the removal of burrs.
 Alignment of Keys
To guarantee that the copy is an exact cut of the original, your locksmith will ensure that both the blank key and the original key are inaccurate alignment to each other. Usually, the cutting wheel is permanently fixed to the machine.

The guide, however, is movable and is generally adjusted as the cutting wheel wears out due to multiple usages in the key cutting process. The alignment device is consists of two arms made from the same piece of steel and is used to achieve alignment of both keys when kept side to side. They are usually aligned to achieve the same distance as with the guide and the cutting wheel.

While cutting a key copy, your locksmith service will ensure proper alignment so that the duplicate can work the same way as the original key on the lock with no hitches. If your service isn’t professional, you will notice that your duplicate key will not function properly.

This may be due to an inexperienced technician working on the key; the original key is worn out, wrong guide adjustment, a worn-out cutting wheel, or poor quality blank key. A professional locked out service will ensure that the blank is milled to the most accurate specs that match the manufacturer’s measurements of the locks.

It is also essential to note that as you keep using the key and lock, they eventually start to wear out. If you have keys whose edges looked sharp when it was new, you will notice that the edges begin to become rounder. Also, as the original key is used over time, the wearing out will shrink. In this case, the duplicate may not be an exact match of the original.
 Quality Assurance of Your Key

When it comes to the cutting wheel, they are typically designed from a material harder than the keys they cut. This is why one cutting wheel can be used for many, many years cutting hundreds of keys. They do, however, wear out with prolonged usage. When this happens, a safe service- open-change combination locksmith is usually careful to ensure that there’s proper alignment to guarantee the accuracy of the blank to the original.

As you look for a locksmith service, ensure that their crucial cutter operator has years of experience under their belt. At first glance, you may not know who is better at different services, but with a few questions, you will learn to perceive an experienced technician.
 To ensure that you get the best possible copy, ensure that you give your locksmith the original key instead of a copy. Using a copy to make another copy usually doesn’t work so well. Additionally, you should ensure that your key has the name of the manufacturer, as it will help your locksmith to get the specifications for cutting the key. Remember that, if your locks aren’t working as they should, you should ask your lock change service to take a look at them before cutting any keys.

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