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The world we live in is increasingly getting more and more digital. As such, many innovations are happening that diffuse with the way we live, and our society operates. Due to all the changes in our digital world, several industries are reaping the benefits of growth. Professional lockout services NYC aren’t far behind, and there are a couple of digital solutions available.

Many people are on the lookout for automated locks with higher security standards for their offices, residential properties, and businesses. If you’re currently on the lookout for electric locks to upgrade your security solutions, you must know the options you have.

Here are some types of electronic locks that you should consider for your security solutions.

  1. Magnetic Security Locks

Magnetic security locks are cost-effective and have an armature plate together with an electromagnet. These two components are usually attached to different areas of the door and door frame. While the armature plate is secured to the door, the electromagnet is hooked up to the door frame.

The door stays shut as long as there’s an electric current from the electromagnet that will attract the armature and lock it. These kinds of locks can be dismantled easily. For this reason, not many locksmiths recommend these locks for an office or home area.

  • Electric Security Bolt Locks

These electric locks offer maximum security and are frequently used on cabinets and interior doors that call for it. They’re hardier than deadbolts even though some locksmiths consider them to be similar. Electric bolt locks are easy to install and can be used with a wide range of electronic systems.

  • Electric Door Strikes

These electric locks are typically used in place of strike faceplates that are used to hold the latch for bar doors. The mechanism used in these doors also depends on electric currents to work. Depending on the installation of the strike, this type of electronic lock can function in multiple ways. The lock itself is highly functional, but this also is dependent on its pairing.

  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Locks)

RFID locks use radio frequency to signal doors to lock or unlock. The best thing about doors that use these locks is that one doesn’t have to be close to the door to either lock or open it. In a premise that requires a high level of security, the RFID system has to be used with other locking devices such as devices used for authentication, which can allow access to the premises.
The only downside to using RFID for locks is that one can easily misplace or damage the devices or cards used to signal the locks. In addition to this, lock replacement for this type of locks from your high security locks change service is quite costly.

  • Electronic Keypad Locks

These are the most commonly used electronic locks and do not need a physical key. The locks consist of a password or a security code to gain access to a door. They are used in high-security establishments and more costly than other types of locks. While using such locks, it’s essential to ensure that the codes and passwords you use aren’t easy for other people to guess.

  • Blue Tooth Locks

These types of electronic locks have to use Bluetooth to gain access. To enter a room or unlock a door, you will need a gadget or a smartphone that has Bluetooth. These types of locks are popularly used in automobiles.

  • Biometric Locks

You will not find biometric locks in homes; instead, you will find these pieces of technology in industrial premises or areas that only require few people to access a room. It is tough to access these locks if specific parts of your anatomy, such as your retina or fingerprint, aren’t integrated into the system. These types of locks can be used to enhance the security system of an establishment.
The Benefits of Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are quite beneficial and will help you to feel more secure and safe. Furthermore, using electronic locks from your lock change service will give you peace of mind that your investments are protected if you have any assets. Here are some of the benefits of electronic locks.

- You don’t have to change them

If you happen to install electronic locks on your business premises, you have peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to keep changing the locks whenever you have new employees or when an old one leaves. You won’t have to call a technician to install a new security system as all you have to do is confiscate the key card or passwords and disregard access to the people who have left your company.
- You have Remote Access

One of the most significant advantages of electronic locks is that you always have remote access. That being said, you don’t have to rely on keeping your key under the flower pot if you’ve got visitors as you can let them in from wherever you are.
- You can Keep a History of Login Attempts
In case you lose any assets or find that you’ve had some break-in attempts, it’s easy to establish who had access to the lost assets. Whether or not you’re suspicious of criminal activity, it’s essential to keep your access in check.